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Post written by Jens Wahlberg | 24.06.2024

Unlocking Success: Miros' Journey with Cefalo

In the bustling world of technology, finding the right talent can be akin to searching for a needle in a haystack. Miros, a tech company specializing in real-time ocean insights measurement, knows this struggle all too well. 

Faced with the challenge of expanding their development team, they embarked on a quest to find skilled professionals who could meet their specific requirements.

Discovering Cefalo: A Fortunate Encounter

Miros' journey with Cefalo began out of necessity. With the need to bolster their development team, they scoured the market for potential partners. After encountering various challenges, they more or less stumbled upon Cefalo and were immediately intrigued by their professional approach and extensive track record. Despite initial skepticism, Miros was swayed by Cefalo's expertise and decided to take the leap.

– We liked the various reference cases and how they all told a story about what Cefalo had done for that particular client. It helped us make the decision to let Cefalo help us find developers for us in Bangladesh, says Gunnar Prytz, CTO at Miros.


- CEFALO FOUND THE BEST DEVELOPERS ON THE FIRST TRY: Miros is a high-tech company that had very specific requirements for the developers they wanted.

A Seamless Recruitment Process

Miros is a technology company specializing in measuring ocean insights. Miros provides real-time wave, current and weather data to stakeholders involved in weather-sensitive operations offshore to increase safety, operational efficiency and optimize planning. The data are offered as-a-Service with easy and secure access from anywhere, anytime on any device. In other words, a high tech company with specific demands for their developers.

Recruiting the right talent is often the first hurdle in any partnership of this sort. However, Miros found the process surprisingly smooth with Cefalo. From the initial consultations to the final selection, Cefalo demonstrated a keen understanding of Miros' needs and preferences. Their meticulous attention to detail ensured that Miros was paired with developers who not only met but exceeded their expectations.

Miros_uteportrett_3271_bw (1) 2– We were left with the impression that Cefalo really heard us with the way they matched our requirements to perfection. We felt like we got the best guys, in the very first interview we had. Cefalo really surprised us! That part of the process was very good, both quick and efficient. And not to mention, extremely valuable to us, Prytz continues.

Bridging the Gap: Communication and Collaboration

One of the key concerns for Miros was communication with an offshore team. However, Cefalo's proactive approach and commitment to understanding Miros' business made the collaboration seamless. Through regular meetings and daily stand-ups, Miros and the Cefalo-team established a robust communication framework that facilitated effective collaboration across borders.

Building Trust: The Foundation of Success

Central to Miros' decision to partner with Cefalo was the trust they instilled from the outset. Cefalo's transparency, professionalism, and dedication to meeting Miros' needs left a lasting impression. By listening attentively to Miros' requirements and delivering tailored solutions, Cefalo solidified their position as a trusted partner in Miros' journey.

Miros_uteportrett_2317 (1) 2– The Cefalo-team in Dhaka has surprised us at how well they understand our business! We do tricky things with ocean sensors and our developers really understand the intention and contribute to other and better ways to solve things, says Aurelia Paraschiv, Product Manager at Miros.

A Testament to Success

Today, Miros considers the Cefalo-team in Dhaka an integral part of their company. Their contributions extend beyond technical expertise, enriching Miros' journey of innovation and growth. Miros looks forward to many more years of collaboration.

– We firmly believe that our team in Dhaka plays a pivotal role in driving Miros forward. Despite our 40-year journey, we're currently in a phase of agile reinvention. This evolution underscores the significance of the Cefalo-team in our trajectory, and we're immensely grateful for their dedication, Gunnar Prytz explains.

Looking Ahead: A Partnership Built to Last

As Miros continues to evolve and innovate, their partnership with Cefalo remains steadfast. Recently they increased their team from three to four developers in Dhaka. And with regular follow-ups, ongoing support, and a shared commitment to excellence, Miros and Cefalo are poised to achieve greater heights together.

In late May, the team in Dhaka will have the opportunity to meet the Norwegian team face-to-face for the first time, gaining first hand insight into Miros' operations. While CTO Gunnar Prytz eagerly anticipates visiting Dhaka in the future, the current priority lies in welcoming the Cefalo-team to Norway.

– Our work with Cefalo is not a one time affair for us. We assume that we have many years to visit them later, so we start by bringing our Dhaka-team to Asker, and hope to visit them in Bangladesh at a later date, Prytz explains.


GOT A VISIT FROM DHAKA: Miros has its office in Asker. In May 2024 their Cefalo team visited Norway.

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Jens Wahlberg

Post written by Jens Wahlberg

Chief Commercial Officer