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Post written by Jens Wahlberg | 24.06.2024

Cefalo's Offices in Dhaka: A Workplace to Be Proud Of

Our 250 employees in Dhaka needed more space. By involving the employees early in the planning, we created an inspiring and functional office environment tailored to their needs.

– We wanted the employees to feel welcomed and inspired when they come to work every day, says Cefalo Bangladesh's Managing Director, Ferdous Mahmod Shaon.

The work environment has long been one of the reasons why Cefalo is considered one of the best workplaces for developers in Bangladesh. Now, we have taken a step up and given our employees offices that match our ambitions for future growth.

Continuing to Attract the Best Developers

Our developers are our gold, and it's important to us that they enjoy their work. Satisfied employees result in low turnover, which is one of the reasons for our success. Low turnover provides stability and longevity in the development teams, something our clients appreciate.

Cefalo's focus on well-being and comfort is based on great care for our employees in Dhaka. It is also a strategic investment in future success.

By offering a state-of-the-art office landscape, we facilitate increased productivity and creativity among employees – while strengthening our reputation as a very attractive employer in Dhaka.

VIDEO FROM THE OFFICE IN DHAKA: Here we are certain that our developers and staff are comfortable and productive.

A Place to Thrive and Grow

When Cefalo started in Dhaka back in 2010, it was with seven employees and a small apartment as our office. After several rounds of growth and expansions, we now have over 250 employees in Dhaka.

This latest move to a new and modern office space of 4 000 square meters spread over six floors is the result of our desire to create a workplace where both Cefalo and our employees can thrive and grow. Planning began in September 2023.

shaon_circle– Here, we have worked to create an environment that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. We involved the employees early in the process to ensure that the new premises meet their needs and desires, says Shaon.

He had long conversations with several of his developers during the planning phase. A vision began to take shape. A modern, open, and bright office landscape that encouraged collaboration and creativity.

– At the same time, it was important for us to create zones that could offer employees the opportunity to focus undisturbed when needed, Shaon says.

Focus on Well-being and Comfort

The new premises are designed based on what emerged from conversations with the developers. Each floor has a thoughtful layout that makes it easy for employees to find their way and feel at home. Emphasis is placed on creating an open and bright atmosphere while considering the need for quiet work areas, places for social enjoyment, and good meeting rooms.

– Our employees wanted better, more, and larger meeting rooms, a more functional dining area, and a place for relaxation and informal conversations. Each floor is therefore equipped with a varied selection of meeting rooms in different sizes, a spacious and relaxing lounge, and a small kitchen area for coffee, tea, and snacks, explains Shaon.

A Meeting-Based Worklife

The worklife of our developers consists of many meetings. Both external meetings with clients in Norway and internal ones with the various teams. Therefore, every single one of the new meeting rooms is equipped with video conferencing-friendly equipment.

– Each meeting room is like a small studio, with good sound absorption materials and proper sound and lighting conditions, explains Shaon.

Stream meeting room view 2 1ADVANCED MEETING ROOMS: Here from one of the largest meeting rooms, of course named Hopper Stream.

Inspired by Computer Scientists

Each floor accommodates around 100 people, so there should be plenty of room to grow for several years. Moreover, the floors are structurally designed in a similar fashion for recognition between the floors. But they are designed differently and named after great computer scientists like Alan Turing, Ada Lovelace, and Grace Hopper, to name a few.

– We wanted to have premises that were understandable and naturally linked to us being a software company. We have chosen a name for each floor after a known researcher or computer scientist, says Shaon, adding that the meeting rooms naturally are named Stream, Block, Byte, and Bit.

ADA floorNAMED AFTER FAMOUS COMPUTER SCIENTISTS: Ada Lovelace has given her name to the second floor.

Focus on Green and Open Areas

To create a pleasant work environment and reduce stress, plenty of green plants are integrated into the new premises.

This not only helps create an inviting workplace but also improves air quality and reduces noise. Plants produce oxygen and capture many of the sounds that quickly spread in open office landscapes.

– We wanted to create a green and inviting environment where employees could feel comfortable. Therefore, we have invested heavily in including plants and green areas in our new premises. We even have a permanent gardener employed, Shaon informs.

Pillar quote 1 (1)WE HAVE OUR OWN GARDENER: There are many plants to take care of in the building!

Kitchen and Canteen on Top

The top floor is reserved for a large dining area and a proper large kitchen. Here, there is room for 150 people simultaneously, and all the food served here is made by three full-time chefs in Cefalo's own kitchen.

– These chefs ensure quality food for our employees. It is a demanding task to cook for so many people, but we have taken the extra responsibility to establish a large kitchen to ensure that our developers get safe and tasty food, Shaon adds.

Dining area 1CAN ACCOMMODATE 150 PEOPLE AT THE SAME TIME: All food is prepared by Cefalo's three full-time chefs.

Geared for Future Growth

Being the preferred employer is crucial for us to continue attracting the best developers in Bangladesh. The new offices are an important part of our ambition to grow. Our Managing Director in Dhaka has worked hard for six months to create a place where employees can truly look forward to coming to work. Both now and in the future.

– We wanted to build an office where we can grow and thrive for a long time. We have chosen interiors and exteriors that look fantastic now – but will also be so in six years, concludes Shaon.

Green wall

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Jens Wahlberg

Post written by Jens Wahlberg

Chief Commercial Officer