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This one is for the children

Posted by Per Einar Myklebust on 16.07.2018  |    read

Cefalo has recently partnered with Red Panda Initiative to develop a software solution with the aim of helping parents and their children.

A dream without developers is just that: A dream. When Bernadette Eirheim of Red Panda Initiative aimed to realize her dream, she scoped the entire planet for skilled professionals who could help her develop SammenForBarna, a web based tool helping parents with shared custody to cooperate in raising their own children.

– Cefalo became the solution. With the expertise of the Norwegian team and the resources of the Dhaka team combined, we gathered a group of people who were able to help me making the end product. The technical solutions proved to work extremely well, while Per Einar Myklebust (CEO) and Tom Handegård (CTO) have lurked in the background making sure everything is ok. It has been useful and comforting to having those two close by, because I know their values, says Eirheim, who visited our Dhaka office two times during the course of the project.

– The value of face to face meetings with the developers cannot be underestimated. I also got to experience Cefalo as one of the most dedicated and caring employers in Dhaka. Cefalo’s vision is that the best employees can only be attracted by being the best workplace. That makes Cefalo an ideal partner for me, Eirheim states.