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Shipping made easy

Posted by Per Einar Myklebust on 25.07.2018  |    read

Nautisk Forlag, a subsidiary of NHST Media Group, has now released NaviTab. This is a new product that eases the workflow for the commercial shipping industry. Cefalo has developed the e-reader app used in the product.

The app enables the user to search for and buy publications from the built-in store, then open and read the publications from an internal bookshelf. All the publications within the database are indexed, which makes search within the texts really, really fast.

The app allows the user to add annotations to the publications. One cool attribute is the ability to add annotations using a digital pen. The text recognition technology from Microsoft works incredibly well, and actually makes user annotations searchable.

The app was originally created as a Windows 8 Metro app, and has since been converted to the Windows 10 UWP format. Cefalo has developed everything from server to client side, in close collaboration with Nautisk Forlag. We look forward to the continued development on the product, based on feedback from Nautisk Forlag and their users.

We will continue our work with Nautisk Forlag through the development of a brand new web based fleet management solution for the shipping industry. The web page will provide vessel companies an intuitive overview of their fleet, as well as the status for each vessel. The solution will consist of a new microservice based server application using Azure Service Fabric. The web page will be built using ASP .NET MVC 6. Last but not least, the product will feature a Windows 10 UWP app that can be used on board the ship.